Monday, November 14, 2016

JuJuRoo Popcorn - Vendor Feature

Our next Vendor Feature is for JuJuRoo PopcornJuJuRoo Popcorn started on a Wednesday. Nicole made a batch of her family's caramel popcorn and while it was delicious, as always, wondered if she could make it just a little bit better. So she made it again. And again. And probably one more time just because she really loves caramel popcorn. After sharing the popcorn with some friends and family to rave reviews and a long, late night brainstorming session with her ever-supportive husband they came up with the name JuJuRoo Popcorn and were off!

In just a few short months they've gone from one family recipe to twelve delicious varieties (more on the way) and from a home kitchen in Kaysville to a professional kitchen in Salt Lake City.
Even with these upgrades, it's still just simple ingredients and a few pots and pans. Nicole takes pride in making the best tasting caramel popcorn one batch at a time. From sorting the popped kernels, to cooking the caramel, to weighing and packaging the finished product, it is all done by hand and with care, to ensure you receive the freshest, most delicious product possible! Be sure to visit their website and their booth at the Holiday Gift Market.

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